Meet John Brooke

Local politician, John Brooke is a vacuous dandy, easily influenced by his father and constituents. John is all set to squeeze in his marriage to Meg March prior to his 12 o’clock train to the continent.

John Brooke is played by Shane O’Regan.

Shane trained at the Gaiety School of Acting. He will next appear as Laertes in Hamlet with AC Productions directed by Peter Reid. Shane is a Co founder and Artistic Director of Reality: Check Productions.

Shane’s Theatre Credits include: Trainspotting (Reality:Check) The Boys (Smock Alley). Tales From The Woods (Theatre Upstairs), King Lear (The Mill Theatre), Spring Awakening (Ill-Advised T.C.). Trainspotting (Smock Alley), Howie the Rookie (Samuel Beckett Theatre) Off-Key (Ill-Adviced T.C), Slender (Reality:Check), Line of Decent (New Theatre). Romeo & Juliet (Tour), Othello (Tour), Borstal Boy (Gaiety Theatre), Smock! (Smock Alley), Dirty Landry (Chris Edmund), The Critic (Rough Magic), Macbeth (Smock Alley), Hamlet (Greystones Theatre), A Midsummers Night’s Dream (Pavillion Theatre), The Bee-Loud Glade (RTE Arena).

Shane’s film credits include: Summon Her Children(Brick By Stone), Danny & Dante (Web Series), The Abandoned House (Edmund Buckley), Tinder (Blueprint Pictures), Do It Now (Viko Nicki), MMA (Viko Nicki), Cura Crises Pregnancy (Kairos).


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