Meet D. Douglass

D. Douglass, a sassy visitor to the dullest ambiguous location on earth. He is happy to employ the ‘cruel to be kind’ method in order to help Jo find her own truth.

D. Douglass is played by Daryl McCormack.

Daryl graduated from DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama with a B.A in Drama Performance in 2014. Daryl’s debut in theatre was in the DIT Conservatory production of Macbeth where he played Lennox. The following year he played Romeo in Romeo & Juliet. Other theatre credits include A Fair Ball T’yis in Samuel Beckett Theatre for the Fringe Festival 2013 and more recently The Grapes of Wrath in the Project Arts Centre.

Daryl appeared in the title role in Othello at the Theatre Royal directed by Mark Lambert. Romeo and Juliet directed by Wayne Jordan at The Gate Theatre, Dublin. Most recently he played Shimizu in Enjoy dir. Zoe Ni Riordan at the Project Arts Centre as part of Rough Magic SEEDS.


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